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Destiny or Karma

Is life really all about destiny???

You face your downs over and over again until a moment provokes you to accept your falls as your destiny. You meet all the possible ends to survive in the dense competition, which leads nowhere. Rarely are you satisfied with your present circumstances while overlooking every positive side of your success in breathing. Life is breathing and if that goes successfully in tune with the universe then what makes you fail? Humans are so dependent on material expectations that the word Destiny has picked up the vibrations of a mystical world. You are sad and unfulfilled; you call it your destiny. You are happy and yearning for more; you call it destiny. Over time, you have learned it bright to justify each of your feelings with this small word, Destiny.

Karma is another word in trend. Karma is, in the fanciest manner, linked to a past life. A life which you do not remember even in the finest pieces. This nature of humans can only be deemed as Ignorance. Your ignorance to accept the truth of the exact state of your mind. This phrase state of mind will now wrongly bring you to the realization of your emotions. But the state of mind does not mean your emotional state. Your state of mind is your perception of your surroundings and your inner being. Your destiny is a result of your Karmic life, and your Karmic life is none other than the one you are currently breathing in. Your Karmas are the influences of your actions perceived from your own experiences as well as the stories of others. The human brain is a miracle that can easily store every learned knowledge straight in its long-term memory in computer code. If you perform ‘x’ command, ‘y’ will be the output. These commands are your own perceptions of a particular situation associated with particular reactions that you have learned ever since your existence on this planet. We also call this your nature, because your behaviors are developed naturally from your own experiences and passive learning.

Works of wisdom from the past have highlighted other-worldly terms like Karma and Destiny because humans are highly attracted to fancy anything of a mystical nature. Your destiny is not faith dependent. Rather a skill which you can enhance enough to bring you all the necessary happiness you deserve with your karma actions. It is your ability to perceive your experiences with a standard frequency set high enough to bring out only the positive in you and for you. This does not need any dependency on past karma. Scriptures have defined ways to wash off your past karma. In the olden days, people would blindly follow these scriptures without scientific doubt. Believing was the only form of prayer in those days. This belief would help their brain emit a frequency high enough to reprogram their subconscious and set it on a newly attained frequency of attracting the positives.

The same belief was interrupted with greed made them perform sin while simultaneously performing the ritual, over and over again. Greed started overpowering and sinful acts gained hammer effect. Imbalances and downfalls kept the pace and finally, humans learned the skill of associating all with Destiny. When a child is born, every parent on this planet has consciously only passed the pure scriptural knowledge while teaching them to do all that’s good. But the same child while growing up also learns from your negative actions and his negative experiences resulting in a fragmentary genetic intelligence. This whole process defines his Karma. Destiny is the learnings that you have perceived in the presence of your sensory pains and pleasures. Learnings that are deeply moved by the rewards and punishments for your actions.

Your realisation can bring you to the best possible Destiny that anyone could dream of.  This destiny has to be characteristically independent of your rewards and punishments. Your destiny is defined by your actions limited only in the present. Your consciousness, your ability to hold your actions strictly in the present without bearing the thought of its results is the only driver of a good destiny.

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