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Understanding Manifestation

Mobile- a device that never existed earlier- is now a wish-fulfilling instrument to all. Science is an ideal form of manifestation that you live in these times. Where, as a child, you learned of superhuman existence while dreaming of being one, an introduction to Science honour-bound you to material dependencies. “If I have money, I will be happy!” or, “If I have good grades, I will be intelligent!”.

Your dreams changed from, “I could fly if I had wings” to “I can fly only with a plane!” Dependency became a habit. So much so that today, for you to be fit it takes a non-living, brainless device to remind and reward you for your own benefits! This is the power of your thought. A power that dominates both the positive and the antagonistic worlds with the same force. Your brain is capable of unexplained creations. Just like any scientific experiment was. Unfortunately, the dependency habit that you succumbed to has only left you with a lack of foresight while obstructing your thought process from “I am Possible” to “Impossible”.

When you are threatened by the fear of failure you adopt a belief that only acts as your hope for survival. Manifestation, like in any fairy tale, has always seemed to be an act of Miracle. And miracles can only be manifested by the Divine. You want your God to bring you to peace. You want your God to bring you happiness. You want your God to manifest your desires. Perhaps the biggest failure is left unnoticed. The Failure to Understand the Wish Granting God!  Where is this God? In your own thought. Who is the God? Your own consciousness. And if God is in your thoughts, it will be worth thinking about where will the manifestation happen.

An organized body and an organized mind are no less than a Kalpavriksha- the wish-granting tree! Every thought that you own is a root to manifestation. A thought for happiness instantly lights the spark in your eyes to engulf you with the feeling. Sadly, the subconscious dilemmas work their way best in blocking this ability to reflect in your actions.  Think of a happy memory, and you will immediately observe the lift in your mood. Connect to a bad past, and you will instantly feel a drop in your energy. This is the magic of your brain. What you think, you manifest. Manifesting your ideas and your desires can be an easy activity but only with a controlled mind. Your thought is currently out of your control.  While developing a desire, you are not only investing your energy in manifesting the desire but at the same time defining the consequences and blockages against manifestation. A distributed energy cannot attain optimum realization despite the force generated in its working. Only focused energy in the desired direction can bring the imaginable results.

You wish for a miracle to fulfill your want and Your mind is the center of all the magic. For you to be able to manifest any idea, your mind must force only the possibility to bear the positive output in your favor. These abilities call for the necessity to rewire your brain to think only in the desired positive manner. Imagine being granted a boon where every positive and negative thought that you create will be your immediate reality. Would you make the mistake of even letting your mind slip to the odds?

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