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Discovering the True Divine

A Path to Spiritual Awakening

Divinity. That which can never be seen with your open eyes. Instead, the divine can only be perceived through devotion and practice. Your body and your mind are the temple of miracles existing on this planet. However, a temple without the Supreme Being is just another room full of space. Attuning to the Divine is the process of inviting the light of the Supreme Being to this temple you hold. Human eyes are so chained with material austerities towering high enough that they often overlook the brightest light that shines deep in their hearts right below their tongue. You touch all the possible pilgrims in your physical dimensions while forgetting the purpose of illuminating the miracle temple, which is most easily attainable. The habit of materialism has blinded you to an extent that you have failed to perceive the divinity that You are. Everyone wants a God. Unfortunately, nobody wants to be The God.  

The Chapter 10 Verse 22 of Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta Lord Krishna spoke the following words:

वेदानां सामवेदोऽस्मि देवानामस्मि वासव: |

इन्द्रियाणां मनश्चास्मि भूतानामस्मि चेतना || 22||

Translation: Of the Vedas, I am the Sama-Veda; of the demigods I am Indra; of the senses, I am the mind, and in living beings, I am the living force.

The Divine pronounced himself as the Sama-Veda (the actions induced of devotion and worship), the Indra (representing the Primary Five Senses), the Mind (which is the driver of all the Senses), and the living force in the Living Beings (You). Simplifying it further, Krishna’s representation of Sama-veda defines the nature of your activities required to bring the Divine into action. His representation of Indira is the Godly manners you must adopt to control the senses. He is the Mind, which represents balancing your thoughts. And he depicts the life force as finding the Divine in You! Your actions (Sama-Veda), your Senses (Indra), your Mind (Thought), and ultimately You (The Living Force), when assumed to be the creation and manifestation of the Ultimate Divine, why would you wander around in the search of Divine?

Divinity is when you are able to experience the spirituality of your existence inside of you. It is when you can perceive your purpose beyond the material existence and interpret the actions that the God in You is longing to manifest. All those moments when the pains of others have made your heartbeats get more profound and heavier while escaping your perception of that pain from your eye in the form of tears, and every time your soul screamed out the urge to make a difference and good to humanity, know that the Divine in You is working its way out and in action. Divinity is when your thoughts transform into the finest fragments because Divinity is not experiencing the intangible but rather cherishing ground-level humanity through divine actions.

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