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The Modern World Enlightenment

Escape is not the solution. You want to be spiritually enlightened. You crave experiencing The Divine. But every time you bow down to The Divine- you ask for an escape from all your worldly pains while your desire for worldly pleasures secretly haunts your wish list. You might say that you haven’t ever asked anything such. All that you have prayed is for enlightenment. Most of the time, this enlightenment is sought for fulfilling supernatural yearnings. Anciently esteemed as a way of life, enlightenment is the most misunderstood belief on this planet here and now. 

Walking on this path of attaining the Light of Wisdom has often made people wander from place to place or thoughts to thoughts. However, arriving at the proper thought is always a painful task. Your journey to enlightenment will lead you through all the possible odds and vims of your fancy thoughts combined with the plagiarised moments of past experiences. Most of you will only reach an imaginary state of enlightenment with mocked-up expressions, finally escaping the dark truth of enlightenment.

Your enlightenment is your receptivity to uncomplicated life principles which you combat practising. It is your ability to hold your inner serenity against every external sweeping storm. It is your ability to employ your senses towards accepting every episode that your life presents while transforming it into a mindful action in service to humankind, which is no less than a service to the divine. The saintly souls have illuminated their compositions and epic works to instruct this simple way of living, portraying the only path to enlightenment. Sadly, only acts of personating these saints have seen needless success while forsaking the commitment of establishing the lessons.

If you really wish to touch this mystical world of enlightenment, your most straightforward path is to accept the words of the saints who incorporated their lives in building your road to a successful living. Absorb their teachings in your practice. Simply bring their thoughts into your tangible actions. Why would you want to spare your life in learning the same script which the holy souls have already composed with their sacrifices? Enlightenment is experiencing their methods of a fulfilling life instead of failing to hit the same worn experience.

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