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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness- a fancy term for simple actions. Born with each but ignored by all. Emerging in the form of your thoughts. Your consciousness is your justified awareness of your actions that cause rewards and punishments basis their own nature. Consciousness is just your attention in and out of you. It is your awareness of the direction of your actions. It is the feeling that imbibes peace in your everyday actions. You feed yourself with all the nourishment you fetch from nature. But with a realisation that you, too, have to nourish the nature that provides for your nourishment. This act of finding peace in enjoying the present with an attitude of gratitude and finding peace in taking responsibility for every good happening to you is consciousness. Being aware that your actions are defined and disciplined enough to do all the Good that the Divine wishes. Identifying the good and the bad in your present actions. This is Consciousness.

 Everything around you since your existence on this planet has indoctrinated your perceptions in a single-tracked idea of survival. Pictures of sacrifice, poverty, competition, suffering, leisure, power, and success have projected the fears of casting adrift in your perception. The brain developed into a fear-generating machine leaving no space for this function called Consciousness. Humans have a deep inclination towards the mystics. The Supernatural. Easier things, Complex to understand- this habit of humans can never lead them to a peaceful life. These complexities are a creation of this very magical human brain. You want people to behave in a particular manner. You want people to adapt to a particular lifestyle. You will have to make overloaded statements full of complex phrases. When You say- you have to be honest and true- they won’t listen and understand. But when You say- the Divine Consciousness in You knows the Truth and you shall pay for every act of deception- they will strongly agree. When You say service to humanity is a way to salvation- they won’t understand. But when You say that the Supreme Consciousness begets the Divine in you to discharge Actions of God- everyone will fancy it and want to be the person of consciousness.

When life gets overburdened with material pains, people fancy spiritual teachings and escape into the ocean of knowledge only to know the grounded reality that they can bring through awareness. The same are the teachings of those enlightened souls. Perhaps greed and materialism have never allowed humans to absorb the basics of humanity. Consciousness is the primary function of the human brain which you get by birth but remains dormant due to inactivity in its portion. Science has become the base of education, but its complexity has put limitations on human abilities, making generations deflect from the simplicity of consciousness.

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